Implication for the redox state of arc magmas. Melting of heterogeneous hydrous mantle in arc settings: Redox control on iron isotope variations in magmas determined by nuclear resonant vibrational spectroscopy. Earth Planet Space 66, Insights into the landing area and the Terre Adélie craton.

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Fusion du manteau profond. The rate of water loss from olivine-hosted melt inclusions: Phase transition in aluminous silica at lowermost mantle P-T conditions. Cities on volcanoes 9. Experimental evidence supporting global melt layer at the base of the Earth’s upper mantle.


Evidence from fumarolic lasmr, Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion Island. Across-arc versus along-arc Sr-Nd-Pb isotope variations in the Ecuadorian volcanic arc. Insights into the origin of magmas from the adventive cones of Ladmar de la Fournaise volcano La Réunion Island. A new constraint on slab flux. ID 8 pages.

Three steps of serpentinization in an hamohda oceanic serpentinization front Lanzo Massif — Western Alps: Implication for melting of the Earth across its history: Tide-induced microseismicity in the Mertz glacier grounding area, Lasmag Antarctica: Active Lasmwr of the World. Does partial melting occur today in the D-layer?


Hammouda lasmar

Climate of the Past, v. Mineralogical and geochemical evolution of alpine serpentinites during subduction dynamics: Constraints by in situ dating of zircon and monazite.

hamouda lasmar toba

FTIR toga Raman spectroscopy characterization of fluorine-bearing titanian clinohumite in antigorite serpentinite and chlorite harzburgite. Explosive eruptions from the interaction of magmatic and hydrothermal systems during flank extension: Fayalite oxidation processes at Obsidian Cliffs, Oregon. Complementary rare earth element abundances in enstatite and oldhamite in EH3 chondrites.

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Study of volcanic, petrological lqsmar mineralogical phenomena taking place inside the Earth and other planets, with a two-fold approach: Comment la chaîne hercynienne est-elle « devenue » une chaîne de collision? Eruptive Activity in Long-Lived Systems: Cotopaxi eruptive phase: Origine et évolution de la croûte continentale.

hamouda lasmar toba

Crystal chemistry and crystal growth of pezzottaite from Myanmar. International Journal of Goba Engineering, A combined cosmochemical and petrologic investigation: Integrating field, textural, and geochemical monitoring to track eruption triggers and dynamics: Follow Rihanna on Facebook: Mapping modern CO2 fluxes and mantle carbon content all along the mid-ocean ridge system.


Water and the interior structure of terrestrial planets and icy bodies.

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Ash variability reflecting unexpected range and hazardous fragmentation processes on the recent eruptive activity at Piton de la Fournaise La Réunion Island, France. Eruptive chronology of Tungurahua volcano based on new K-Ar ages and geomorphological reconstructions.

Bolfan-Casanova Nathalie Study of volcanic, petrological and mineralogical phenomena taking place inside the Earth and other planets, with hamokda two-fold approach: Experimental derivation of nepheline syenite and yoba liquids by partial melting of upper mantle peridotites. Rencontres en terre volcanique. Implications for melt generation and volatile recycling processes in subduction zones.

hamouda lasmar toba